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Spectrum Program - Info and Application

Spectrum is an optional enrichment program offered for students in Grades 8-10 at Steveston-London.  It is designed for highly motivated students who enjoy working independently and co-operatively on a variety of learning challenges.  

Students apply beginning in January of their Grade 7 year, and 29 students are accepted.  Spectrum students take Math, Science, English and Social Studies together as a cohort group for three years, but they take physical education and all of their elective courses with all other SLSS students.  

Students who apply are committed to the program for three years, including completing a long-term, mentor-supported, independent exploration project (ENEX).  All Spectrum students must also be committed to attending week long, major field experiences each year.   In Grades 8 and 9, students attend the Strathcona Outdoor Education Centre for a program in leadership and environmental stewardship.  In Grade 10, students travel to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City for a civic, cultural and historical program.  Costs to families are associated with all trips.  

Interested students should download and complete the application package and submit it to the Steveston-London office by the posted deadline.  Application packages are available on-line onlyPlease note that only students who have been accepted into Steveston-London can be considered for Spectrum.  Applications for transfer to Steveston-London are due to the Richmond School District by their district deadline in February.  Please phone the school if you have any further questions about Spectrum (604-668-6668).

Please Note: If you are a student at a school which is NOT a family school (i.e. feeder school) of Steveston-London Secondary, please ask your Grade 7 teacher to email, and we will send them the Teacher Referral Form directly.

Admission to the 2024/2025 Grade 8 Spectrum Class:

 Class of 2024/25 Grade 8 Spectrum Admissions - IMPORTANT DATES in 2024

Student Application Package Due ONLINE:                               THURSDAY, February 2nd 2024 @3:00pm

Include the following items:

  • Grade 7 Term One Assessment. Please see the application form for further details.
  • Grade 6 Final Assessment. Please see the application form for further details.
  • Student Response (video upload). Please Note that there is no student written reflection this year; it has been replaced by the recorded video student response.
  • Parent Written
  • Confidential Teacher Referral Form
    Grade 7 Teacher submits this form directly to Steveston-London c/o Spectrum Application Process

Candidate Assessment of Skills                                                  Thursday February 22nd 2024

3:15-4:30pm at Steveston-London Secondary School.

Arrive 15 minutes early outside the main school office and bring two pencils and two pens.

Candidates from non-feeder schools (non-family of schools) will be interviewed from 4:30-5pm after they complete their written assessment.

Candidate Interviews                                                                    Tuesday March 12th 2024

Interviews for students from our "family of schools" will take place during the day at their elementary school. The schedule will be sent to elementary schools. Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

Offers of Admission                                                                     Friday April 5th 2024

Notification will be emailed home with acceptance contracts to be signed.

Acceptance Contracts and Deposit Due                                     Friday April 12th @3:30pm

Acceptance Contact and deposit for Spectrum trip due back to Steveston-London for all students enrolling in our Spectrum Program.    


Due to the sheer volume of applicants (100+), no feedback can will be provided to those students (and families) who are not shortlisted.


Data that is considered that ALL students who apply to Spectrum include:

1) Grade 7 teacher feedback

2) Online (digital) application form

3) Parent letter

4) Literacy Assessment (in-person)

5) Numeracy Assessment (in-person)

6) Personalized 2-minute video (submitted digitally)


Online Application (Online links go live on Monday, January 15th until Friday, February 2nd 3PM)

1) Spectrum 8 Application - Student Information Form

2) Spectrum 8 Attachments (Gr. 7 & 6 Report Cards) Form

Due to uploads, YOU MUST USE GR. 7 STUDENT USE THEIR SD38 email to submit information. (ex. IF NOT PART OF SD38, These report card copies may be dropped off to the SLSS Main Office inside of a labelled envelope.

3) Student Video Response Spectrum Program via One Drive Drop Box.

We would like to know a little bit about you and your reasons for expressing an interest in the Spectrum Program of Enriched Studies.  Please record a video responding to two of the questions below. Videos must not exceed two minutes in length and be in mp4 format , and must be uploaded below.

1.    Tell us about your areas of interest, hobbies and extra-curricular activities.

2.    What do you think are your greatest strengths as a person?

3.    What do you think are some things you need to work on as a person?

4.    How do you hope Spectrum will be different from a regular high school program?

5.    Think of a recent endeavor of which you are especially proud.  Explain why you feel this way.

6.    Think of something you tried recently that resulted in disappointment.  Why?  How did you deal with it?

7.    What is your favourite school subject and why?

4) Parent Nomination Form Spectrum Program