Our School Story

Our Context

Steveston-London Secondary School (SLSS) opened in September 2007.  SLSS was created after a merger between two well-established secondary schools – Steveston Secondary (est. 1956) and Charles E. London Secondary (est. 1974).  Both former schools established strong traditions of excellence in academic, fine arts and visual arts, extracurricular student accomplishments and socially responsible endeavours.  Current students and staff learn and work in a modern, renovated and expanded facility (15,700 sqm) that was completed in 2008.  The building is the largest school in the district and includes many outstanding features - two full-sized gyms, a weight room, a 168–seat theatre, two science super labs, and a learning commons library.  Steveston-London celebrated the 10th graduating class in June 2017 and this was the 68th grad class in the proud history of the school.

A core value of Steveston-London Secondary School is: Demonstrating care, respect, empathy, integrity and social responsibility is expected of all members of our community.  Since the amalgamation of the two schools, Steveston and London, the ethos of “care” and “respect” has been consciously developed, enacted upon and reinforced.  Care and Respect are school-wide expectations of how students, staff and other members of the school community conduct themselves in the school, in the community and globally.  Care and Respect are also the values that form the basis of how decisions are made and problems are resolved at SLSS.

Since becoming Steveston-London, the diverse population of Sharks has demonstrated care and respect, taken the learning and extra-curricular opportunities provided by the staff and contributed to the school being a great place to learn and a school they can be proud of.  The video below captures the school during the 2014-2015 school year, and the thank you letter by Davy Lau (Class of 2017) is evidence that the school culture shown in the video remains today.


SLSS Mission Statement:
(Created by staff, students and parents and published in May of 2011)

Our School Mission:
At Steveston-London Secondary School, our purpose is to provide a caring, relevant and engaging environment to enable all learners to develop their ability to think critically and independently, to communicate, to collaborate and to make decisions.

Our Core Values:
• Students are at the heart of all we do.
• Our school is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for every member of our community.
• These principles of learning will guide our practice: people learn in different ways and at individual rates; learning requires the active engagement of the learner; and learning is both an individual and a collaborative process.
• Demonstrating care, respect, empathy, integrity and social responsibility is expected of all members of our community.
• Collaboration and community building are the foundations of our decision-making processes.

Our Vision:
All graduates of Steveston-London Secondary School are to be educated citizens.  This includes young people who are:
• Critical thinkers, who understand, value and take responsibility for their own learning;
• Literate and able to communicate information from a broad knowledge base;
• Thoughtful and capable of solving problems and making decisions;
• Capable of creative thought, expression and innovation;
• Able to utilize computers and information technologies to enhance their learning and communicate with others;
• Socially engaged, empathetic, cooperative and respectful of others, regardless of differences and able to consider both a local and global perspective;
• Skilled and self-motivated, and can contribute to society generally, including the world of work, by being flexible and adaptive to change;
• Responsible for their own health and strive for physical and mental well-being.

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