Our School Story

Our Context

Steveston-London Secondary School (SLSS) opened in September 2007.  SLSS was created after a merger between two well-established secondary schools – Steveston Secondary (est. 1956) and Charles E. London Secondary (est. 1974).  We are fortunate to learn and work in a modern, renovated and expanded facility (15,700 sqm) that was completed in 2008.  The building is the largest school in the district and includes many outstanding features including: two full-sized gyms, a weight room, a 168–seat theatre, two science super labs, and a learning commons.

Steveston-London Secondary School is a community of learners that celebrates diversity in all aspects of school and life. Our school mission is to provide a caring, relevant and engaging learning environment that enables all learners to develop their ability to think critically and independently, to communicate, to collaborate and to make decissions. Demonstrating care, respect, empathy, integrity and social responsibility is foundational to our identity as a learning community. Students are at the heart of all we do. Building relationships that create a culture of cooperation and shared understandings allows us to keep our focus on the learner. It is our guide in how we work together to make decisions and to create learning opportunities. Positive student engagement in the school community is integral to our success and our role in the broader community.

Who Is Our Community?

As of September 2021, there are 1040 students enrolled at SLSS in grades 8 through 12. Our students have multi-abilities from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Of those, 74 students are part of the Richmond International Education Program. Our English Language Learner (ELL) Program supports approximately 20% of our student population. The diverse learning needs of our student population are supported by a committed staff of 51 teachers, 4 counsellors, 8 educational assistants, 14 support staff, and 3 administrators. As a staff, we are committed to providing rich curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that support the diversity of our learners. We recognize that students learn in different ways. Learning is both an individual and collaborative process. Our school is a safe , welcoming and inclusive place for students to develop their voice and agency as members of our community.