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Master Teacher Award

SLSS Alumni Association
Dr. Bill Ross Master Teacher Award

Since 1987, the Alumni Association has recognized outstanding educators who care for, connect with, engage and motivate students at our school through their ongoing dedication and inspiration. These are teachers and administrators who have consistently gone above and beyond 'the call of duty' to selflessly support our students in their learning as well as actively contribute to the extracurricular life of the wider school community. 

Congratulations and thank you to the following recipients of the Dr. Bill Ross Master Teacher Award, which is awarded at the school's Commencement Ceremony in June:                                                

Mr. Michael Mikulin (2023)
Mr. Sid Akselrod (2020)
Ms. Karen Shigeno (2019)
Ms. Jean Kosar (2018)
Mr. Glenn Kishi (2017)
Mr. Jim Allison (2015)
Mrs. Frances Regan (2014)
Mr. Jeff Mah (2010)
Ms. Anne Gillrie-Carre (2009)
Mr. Bill Evans (2008)
Ms. Yee Louis (2006)
Mr. Kanwal Neel (2004)
Mr. Stan Miyazaki (2003)

Mr. Stuart Bjarnason (2002)
Mr. Terry Boss (2002)
Mr. Tom Hall (2001)
Mrs. Toni Morrison (2000)
Mrs. Betty Cawley (1999)
Mr. Don MacLellan (1999)
Mr. Len Kay (1998)
Mrs. Cathryn Mar (1997)
Mr. Bruce Seney (1996)
Mrs. Maeves Shrieves (1995)
Mr. Roy Pedersen (1994)
Mrs. Gayle Ediger (1992)
Mr. Mel D. Richards (1992)
Mr. Ian Anderson (1991)
Mr. Bob Carkner (1990)
Mr. Fred Hilderman (1989)
Mr. Ted Kagetsu (1988)
Mr. Ernie R. Ball (1987)