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Dry After-Grad (DAG) 

The Steveston-London DRY AFTER-GRAD PARTY is organized each year for the graduating class by a dedicated parent committee. The purpose of DAG is to provide an inclusive, fun and alcohol and drug free event for grads immediately after their formal dinner and dance. For this "final night together" as a graduating class, we provide chartered coach transportation to and from the dinner/dance celebration, and then have an awesome party back at the school with food, drinks, games, entertainment and prizes.

This year’s DAG Party is on June 22-23, 2024 at SLSS from 11:30 pm to 5:00 am. Feel free to email the DAG committee at for more information.  This year's Instagram page is: SLSS DAG 2024.

Help Wanted!

While the celebration is most important for Grade 12 students and their families, the DAG planning committee is open to all Steveston-London parents/guardians, from Grades 8 to 12. We need parents/guardians of younger students to participate to ensure that Dry After-Grad will be sustained in the years ahead. DAG meetings are held monthly (date/time announced in the WAAG newsletter). Volunteers are also needed during the all-night event. Everyone is welcome!

Return-It Bottle Drive

Return your bottles and cans to the Ironwood Return-It Depot and donate the money earned to the SLSS Dry After-Grad Party. It's super-easy – just put your returnable cans and bottles in a plastic bag, clearly label it (as below), and let staff know it’s for SLSS DAG. 


Account #341 



An event like this takes lots of help. If you or your company are able to support the SLSS DAG with a prize or food donation or a financial contribution please contact Thank you for your kind consideration of this worthwhile event.