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Grade 8 Camp

This wonderful SLSS tradition is a fabulous way for all of our youngest students to come together as a group, learn about what "care and respect" means at our school, meet some new friends, learn about high school expectations, and get to know some positive senior student-leaders.  This year's camp experience will be a engaging in-house event that will take place at SLSS. Parents can contact Ms. S. O'Neill at the school if they have any questions about Grade 8 Camp.



March 2023
Interested grade 10 and 11 students are invited to apply to become a camp leader.  Information about being a Gr 8 Camp Leader and the application form to be a Gr 8 Camp Leader are posted below. Students interested in being a Gr 8 Camp Leader must submit their completed application to the box in the school's main office by 3pm on Thursday, April 6, 2023.