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Grad Write Ups and Baby Photos

Guidelines for Grad Write-up:

      Maximum of 80 words

      No swearing or language that could be considered offensive or inappropriate in a school setting

      No URL links

      No special icons or emojis

      No abbreviation, coded language or initials


Guidelines for Baby Photos:

      Make sure the photo is clear

      If you are taking a photo of a physical print, do not use flash and make sure there is no glare

      You can also scan physical prints and send them directly to our email. Please make sure your photo is in PDF, JPEG or PNG format

Guidelines for Submission:

We recommend that you send the photo along with the quote together in a single email. In the email to you should include your quote and baby photo with the subject line:

Last Name, First Name, Student Number (i.e Smith, John 123456)

Your write-up and baby photo are due on Friday, November 10, 2023 and any additional info can be found on the school website underneath Grad News.

*Note* The yearbook team will not be responsible for missing photos and quotes.


Be sure to properly type in your quotes exactly how you want it to be printed. Any grammatical or spelling mistakes will not be edited by the yearbook staff.

The yearbook, advisor, administration reserve the final right to refuse a quote or picture.

Inappropriate messages will have one chance to be re-written. If you continuously submit inappropriate messages, you will not be given space for a write-up.

All messages will be checked by Mr. Shin and the admin for content. Please make sure they are appropriate (nothing offensive or hurtful to anyone, no bad language).

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