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Counselling Centre


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The SLSS Counselling and Career Centre is here to help you with various aspects of life, including mental health and personal problems, course concerns, educational planning and career exploration. Our focus is on promoting personal, emotional, and social development. We are here to help!

Appointments with counsellors can be booked ahead of time by email or by drop-in before, during or after school. We encourage parents and students to book appointments ahead of time to ensure there is an opportunity to discuss any issues without interruption. If your counsellor's office door is open, please come in. If the door is closed, please wait in the lounge area.

Students can also connect with their counsellors, other students and grads through the SLSS counselling centre website at This website is to help set you up for success and for students to have access to information right at their fingertips.


Seeing Counsellors

For parents wanting to contact counsellors, drop-in visits without a booking are discouraged. Please call the office (604-668-6668) or email the counsellors directly. Booking will allow for necessary planning to occur which make the meetings more productive.