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Program Planning

Program Planning Presentations - these are now virtual and must be viewed at home (about 35-minutes).

The Program Planning PowerPoint/Movie Presentations that were created by our counsellors are located on One Drive (password is Sharks$2024). Find the appropriate PPT/Movie for your current grade. There should be no need to download these large files, but there are voice-overs for the slides, so have your volume on and click the "present slide show" button.

Your personalized program planning sheet were distributed on Monday, January 22nd.

The window for posting course requests in MyEdBC will now be open from, Monday, January 22nd until Friday, February 9th.

Program Planning Guide - below, please find the Program Planning Guide that lists and describes all course offerings at SLSS.

Program Planning Course Selection Sheets

Below, please find 'blank' course selection sheets for any grade 8-11 students who misplaced their original. These sheets are due to counsellors by February 9th at 3:30. All grade 8-11 students must input their course requests into MyEdBC by Friday, February 9th.

For grade 7s (going into grade 8), you may also find your course selection sheet as well. Please wait until you are confirmed to come to SLSS before submitting a Grade 8 program planning sheet.