Mission Statement

Our School Mission:
At Steveston-London Secondary School, our purpose is to provide a caring, relevant and engaging environment to enable all 
learners to develop their ability to think critically and independently, to communicate, to collaborate and to make decisions.
Our Core Values:
•  Students are at the heart of all we do.
•  Our school is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for every member of our community.
•  These principles of learning will guide our practice: people learn in different ways and at individual rates;
    learning requires the active engagement of the learner; and learning is both an individual and a collaborative process.
•  Demonstrating care, respect, empathy, integrity and social responsibility is expected of all members of our community.
•  Collaboration and community building are the foundations of our decision-making processes.
Our Vision:

All graduates of Steveston-London Secondary School are to be educated citizens.  This includes young people who are:

•  Critical thinkers, who understand, value and take responsibility for their own learning;
•  Literate and able to communicate information from a broad knowledge base;
•  Thoughtful and capable of solving problems and making decisions;
•  Capable of creative thought, expression and innovation; 
•  Able to utilize computers and information technologies to enhance their learning and communicate with others;
•  Socially engaged, empathetic, cooperative and respectful of others, regardless of differences and able to consider 
   both a local and global perspective;
•  Skilled and self-motivated, and can contribute to society generally, including the world of work, by being flexible 
   and adaptive to change;
•  Responsible for their own health and strive for physical and mental well-being.