Student Council

Student Council meets weekly and is open to all Steveston-London students. Student Council represents all SLSS students and plans a wide variety of school spirit events for students, organizes charitable activities and provides valuable "student voice" to the principal and school.  The executive includes a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, volunteer coordinator, tech executive, general executive as well as grade representatives.  To run for an executive position, either in the presidential general election or for other executive positions, students must have been actively involved in Student Council the previous year and "shadow" the position. Student Council also welcomes a large and diverse general membership and meetings are open to all as we believe it is important to include all students in our decision making processes. Student Council is an excellent leadership opportunity, so please consider attending our meetings and joining us.

For more information, please attend the 2019-2020 Student Council meetings that are held every Tuesday at lunch in room 200 or see Mr. N. Sturtevant or Ms. K. DwernychukCheck out the SLSS Student Council on Facebook at:

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