Yearbook Write Up and Baby Photos

Hi Grads!

It’s time for you to start thinking about your write-ups and baby photos for the yearbook! We want you to write a memorable message (max. 80 words) that will accompany your Grad photo. You may want to thank friends, family, and include favourite memories of your time at SLSS. Your write-up can be serious, humorous, a song or poetry as long as it is appropriate for school. Keep it clean and positive!

Here are some helpful guidelines when writing your message:

  • Use proper English grammar and keep the message classy. All messages will be checked for content, so please make sure your message is appropriate (nothing offensive or hurtful to anyone, no inappropriate language).
  • No abbreviation, coded language, initials
  • No URL links
  • Text/instant message will not be included.
  • You may use quotes but note that we are unable to format full poems properly.


When submitting baby photos, here are some guidelines

  • Make sure the photo is clear
  • If you are taking a photo of a physical print, do not use flash and make sure there is no glare
  • You can also scan physical prints so they can be sent to us directly to our email.


In an email to you will include your quote and baby photo with the subject line:  Last Name, First Name, Student Number (i.e Smith, John 123456)

Your write-up and baby photo will be due on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

*Note:* The yearbook team is not responsible for missing photos. We recommend that you scan your photos at home and send them in yourself.