Steveston-London Catchment

Steveston-London's school boundaries and family of feeder schools:

Point of Origin (Effective July 1, 2008)
Railway Avenue and Francis Road.  East along Francis Road
(south side inclusive) to No. 2 Road; North along No. 2 Road (inclusive) to Blundell Road; East along Blundell Road (inclusive) to Gilbert Road; South along Gilbert Road (west side inclusive) to Francis Road; East along Francis Road (exclusive) to No. 3 Road; South along No. 3 Road (west side inclusive) to Steveston Highway; South along No. 3 Road (exclusive) to the South Arm of the Fraser River; West along the South Arm of the Fraser River to Princess Lane; North and West along Princess Lane (exclusive) to Princess Street; North along Princess Street (exclusive) to London Road; West along London Road (exclusive) to No. 2 Road; North along No. 2 Road (exclusive) to Moncton Street; West along Moncton Street (north side inclusive) to Railway Avenue; North along Railway Avenue (east side inclusive) to Williams Road; North along Railway Avenue (inclusive) to the point of origin.

The designated elementary feeder schools for Steveston-London Secondary school are:
•  Blundell (South of Blundell Road including Blundell Road)
•  Errington
•  McKinney
•  Maple Lane
•  Westwind (East of Railway Avenue only – east side of Railway Avenue inclusive)
•  Wowk

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