Code of Conduct

At SLSS, we believe that appropriate conduct is a shared responsibility among students, staff and parents.   We believe that school should be a safe place for learning and that everyone has the responsibility to demonstrate care and respect – for themselves, for all others and for our school and community, every day.  We all share in sustaining Steveston-London’s reputation as a very safe and welcoming school.


We learn in a first class building and our equipment and facilities are excellent. Treat your school with care and respect - please do not sit on tabletops.  Litter, graffiti and vandalism are uncool and unwelcome. Use computers and equipment appropriately and take care of your textbooks as students will be required to pay for damaged or lost books at the end of the year.  

ATTENDANCE - Regular attendance is a key to success!

The most important responsibility of Steveston-London students is to attend classes on time.  If you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to account to the teacher for your absence.  A phone call must be made to the office by a parent the morning of your absence, and a written explanation may be required, signed by parent or guardian.  Parents will be contacted and students with poor attendance habits will face consequences.  Senior students with chronically poor attendance habits may be withdrawn from SLSS.  If you are experiencing personal issues that are causing you to miss school - see your teachers, counsellor or an administrator and we will try to help.


If students need to leave school, they must sign-out at the office before they leave (with a note or parental permission only).  Unexplained absences and/or lates may result in the following: (a) phone call home; (b) parent meeting; (c) referral to administration; (d) attendance contract; and (e) suspension.


Students absent for a longer period of time for unique circumstances, medical or family emergencies, must have parents contact the office, your teachers and counsellor to make arrangements regarding missed work.  Families who travel or go on vacations during the school year should inform each teacher as early as possible and must be prepared to complete work missed and/or accept the decreased achievement that may occur as a consequence of missing school. 


It is expected that you will be on time for all classes.  While it is recognized that on rare occasions being late is unavoidable, students are expected to be in class before the bell goes.  Teachers will provide consequences for students who arrive late.  Students who are chronically late will be referred to the school administration.


A smart phone can be a powerful learning device but should not be a distraction to you or others – use yours responsibly. Phones are not to be used in class without your teacher’s permission.  It is not acceptable to take someone’s picture/video or photograph school materials or upload images or post them on the Internet without permission.   Students who misuse their phone during class will face consequences and parents will be contacted.


Course changes are permitted only in the beginning of the semester.  Students must consult with their teacher, counsellor and parents before they will be allowed to drop/change a course.   Students may request course changes, but not teacher changes.  Students will not be permitted to drop a class late in the semester to avoid a final mark on their record.  See dates published in the Counselling Center. 


Students need signed parental permission & teacher acknowledgement to participate in any field trip.  Students are responsible for completing all work missed while on a field trip.  Students may lose the privilege of participating in field trips, extracurricular events, clubs, teams or activities, including dances or grad events, as a consequence of poor attendance or behaviour. All school rules apply on all field trips and at all school related functions – represent our school with care and respect!


At Steveston-London, we recognize, accept and celebrate that our school, like our country, is a diverse, multicultural society.  We encourage all members of the SLSS school community to accept, learn about, communicate with and understand all people in our school.  Because our diverse, multicultural community is so important to us, any expressions of intolerance based on race, religion, culture, gender or sexuality are unacceptable and will be dealt with seriously by all people involved, including students, parents, counsellors, teachers, and administration.


Clothing must be appropriate for a school setting and respect the perspectives and sensibilities of everyone in a school context.  Students are not to display offensive words, slogans or references to sex, alcohol, drugs, hatred or bigotry on their clothing or jewelry.   Dress for school or work is different than dress for other casual or social occasions and should generally cover the body from the shoulder to just above the knee.  Students will be asked to cover up an offending item or may be asked to go home and change.


Valuables should be left at home.  Students must use only the locker assigned and you are cautioned not to leave valuable items in your locker.  Keep your locker clean.  Students will be required to remove photos and writing from their locker in June.  Protect yourself from theft – your locker is not a bank vault.  Use the school lock correctly and do not give your combo to anyone.


Being in possession of weapons, in possession of or under the influence of any prohibited substance is completely unacceptable. Students who engage in these prohibited activities will be referred to Administration.


Students park in designated areas north of the school off of Williams Road only.  Students must display an N as required by law.  Students who drive recklessly, park illegally or dump garbage in the parking lot will lose the privilege of parking on the school lot. Please be safe - slow down, buckle up and be aware of students walking or cycling to and from school.


A study block is not a free block – it is intended for Grade 12s to engage in independent learning and review. Students with a study block can work quietly in one of the lounge areas, the library or leave the school property. Students on study block are not permitted to work in noisy table groups anywhere. Students with a study block are not to wander the halls or hang out in the parking lots or playing fields during class time.  Use this valuable time to study, learn and get ahead!


For safety reasons, Steveston-London Secondary School and the surrounding grounds are reserved for students, staff and authorized guests on school days and during school functions. Do not invite outside friends to visit you at school. SLSS students are not to visit other schools during school hours, except for a scheduled athletic game or sanctioned school event.