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Yearbook Write-Up & Baby Photo

For the yearbook, all grads are to write, in 80 words or less, a summary of their experiences at SLSS and your hopes and goals for the future.  Here are some guidelines and helpful hints: 
•  Use proper English grammar and keep them classy, as all messages will be edited for content so please make sure they are appropriate.
•  Text/Instant Message language will not be included. 
•  You may use quotes but note that we are unable to format full poems properly.

(1)   Email your Yearbook Write-Up
Submission Address:
Subject Line:   Last Name, First Name, Student Number (e.g. Mah, Jeff, 123456)
(2)   Submit your Baby Photo
       Scan a copy of your baby photo to:
                         Place your baby photo in an envelope with your first & last name, and your student number on the envelope and                    drop it off in room 202.

(*Note: The yearbook team will not be responsible for missing photos. We recommend that you scan your photos at home and send them to yourself.)

Note1:   Your formal grad photo, taken by Artona, will be used for the yearbook and grad composite. 
Note2:  Your baby photo and write-up are due Monday, December 2, 2019.