Graduation, Post Secondary, Scholarships

•  Grade 12s will check their Transcript Verification Report (TVR) carefully to be sure they have all the courses they need to 
    graduate including Graduation Transitions, and to confirm their achievement in each course.  TVRs are distributed in the fall 
    and spring.  Students must also meet all the prerequisite course requirements of the post-secondary pathway they are
    interested in (e.g. sciences at SFU, broadcasting at BCIT, etc.).
•  The Post Secondary Institutions (PSI) selections form will be completed to allow the Ministry to send school marks to 
    the post secondary institutions grads choose.  The PSI selections form will be completed online beginning in October by  
    going to the Ministry's Student Secure Web. 
•  Grads are encouraged to see their counsellor early in the year if they have any questions about their TVR or PSI forms or
    see Ms. H. Sullivan in room 603 if they have any questions about Graduation Transitions.

•  Most Grade 12s & parents have many questions about what to do next year and how to do it.  Helpful places to begin...
   (1)  Grade 12 Parent Info Night - September 20, 2018 at 5:00 PM in the Legends Gym.
   (2)  Post Secondary Sessions - Grade 12s are urged to attend the many lunch and/or afterschool sessions with various
         post-secondary schools.  (See school calendar).
   (3)  Counselling & Career Centres - Check out the info board by the Career Resource Centre and book a time to meet  
         with your counsellor and our Career Information Advisor, Ms. A. Kerr.  
•  All Grade 12 students must complete at least 6 courses at SLSS in their Grade 12 year and complete the 2019 SLSS   
   Scholarship Application form by April 18 to be eligible for any SLSS scholarship.  Also, be sure to bookmark and check     
   the SLSS Career Centre website regularly: