RDPA Learning to Study with your Brain in Mind, Study for Success Seminar

Please see link below for an up coming event hosted by RDPA Learning to Study with your Brian in mind, Study for Success!  by Terry Small.. 

Your brain runs your life. When your brain works right, you work right! Get the tools you need to boost your brain power, improve your thinking and optimize your brain health for the rest of your life.

Enhance your child's successes by improving grades and reducing stresses.

Successful students have secrets. What does it take to be a successful student? The most important secret is a great study strategy! Terry Small's student success system shows your kids how to take charge of their time and succeed! Parents and students attend this seminar together to learn proven strategies and study secrets that have helped 230,000 students to excel.

Guaranteed: better grades, self-confidence, more free time, and fun learning! The seminar is suitable for students of all abilities in Gr. 4 to 12. This seminar has limited space so sign up early!