Learning & Actions for 2017-2018

Our inquiry:
Will focusing on relationships and making connections between students and staff, students and students, enhance and increase success in learning for all students?

Our intended actions:
1.  In September 2017 a committee of interested teachers will be formed to review the data we have collected from students
     and come up with an inquiry question around the “relationship and making connections” focus while linking it to issues
     that havebeen identified in the Student Learning Survey and reinforced by parents, ie. Anxiety, stress and lack of sleep
     caused by pressure for high grades, excessive amount of homework and projects/exams at the same time.

2.  September 22, 2017 ProD Day – Ellen Hsu, Secondary ACT, presenting on School Wide Language and core competencies,
     specific to SLSS will be how “Care and Respect”, used consistently by all, can facilitate and enhance relationship and
     connections between students to students, students and staff, and staff and staff.

3.  Fall – hoping to train counsellor(s) for “Mind-up” secondary training for working with our grade 8 and 9 students.