The focus for the school was developed through an extensive process during the 2016-2017 school year and included staff, students, and parents.  The process began by explaining the FESL intent and process to staff and parents.  The actual SLSS focus process started with staff reviewing the school’s mission statement and purpose.  The outcome of this process was that students need to feel connected and we need to work on developing and maintaining relationships and making connections.  The importance of relationships and connections was reinforced by the students in focus groups, student surveys and the Student Learning Survey.

The journey to our focus included the following:

1.  November 14 EF Meeting - Provided overview of “Sharing Our Stories” one-page handout discussed

2.  December 12 EF Meeting – FESL powerpoint, modified from District shown.  How to have all stakeholders involved in
     the process was discussed.

3.  December 14 PAC Meeting – Parents provided with overview of FESL with same powerpoint shown to EFs.

4.  January 9 Staff Meeting Discussion Topic – Are we upholding our purpose in our practice?
    SLSS Mission Statement: At Steveston-London Secondary School, our purpose is to provide a caring, relevant and
    engaging environment to enable all learners to develop their ability to think critically and independently, to communicate,
    to collaborate and to make decisions.

    What does “caring”, “relevant” and “engaging” environment look like in your classroom?

    Staff discussed in groups and recorded on Google Doc.

5.  January 16 EF Meeting – EF looked at the staff discussion Google Doc responses and from EF discussions there was a
     summary of “caring”, “relevant” and “engaging”.  EF summarized that relationships and making connections with students
     was important.

6.  February 10 SLSS Student Visioning Breakfast Session – 20 students gathered and discussed future schools and
     what was important about schools to them. Students wanted teachers to care for them, see them as individuals and
     connect with them.

7.  February 2 SCC -  FESL process discussed, “We need to have for the next school year a clarification of what our school
    focus will be – design the schools story frame and process.  The goal is “we want all students to be successful at SLSS”. 
    Process to date was reported.

8.  March 8 PAC – Enhancing Student Learning powerpoint shown and parents went through the same discussion as staff
     at the January Staff Meeting – “caring”, “relevant” and “engaging”.  The discussion and conclusions were similar to staff
     and students – relationships and making connections valued by parents.

9.  March 28 SCC – A update and summary from all groups, staff, parents and students was provided.  “Relationship” and
     “Making Connects” seem to be the common theme.

10. April 18-20 – Student Learning Survey administered.  Wanted to gather information from more students to get a sense
     of what areas we might focus on from a student perspective.

11. May 8-12 – The Student Learning Survey was administered to all grade 10 and 12 students.  We wanted to gather
      information from students in grades 8, 9 and 11.  Three classes from each grade level were chosen.  Students
      responded to 3 questions:  1.  Can you name TWO adults in this school who believe you will be a success in life?  If so,
      how do they show you that they believe in you?  2.  Are you able to explore your interests and passions through what
      you are learning in school?  If so, in what way?  If not what are some suggestions for how you might be able to do
      this?  3.  How will you apply what you are learning in school?  In other words, how is it relevant and important to what
      you plan to do after high school?

12. May 19 ProD – In the first session of the day staff in groups analyzed the student surveys from May 8-12.  The result
      that stood out in the analysis was the report that a significant group of students at each grade level felt that less than 2
      adults believed in their success.

13. June – Student Learning Survey responses were received by school.  Response regarding student stress and anxiety
     were disturbing.  The pressure on students to get high marks and the amount of homework stood out as causing anxiety
     and also lack of sleep.  It was interesting as there was a discussion at the PAC meeting on June 14 and parents also
     brought up the same items in reflecting on the school year and what changes might we make to enhance learning for
     students.  Results from the Student Learning Survey reinforced the need to work on relationships and making
     connections.  At the grade 10 level, 47% of the students responded that 2 or less adults card for them and at the grade
     12 level25% responded so.

14. June 19 SCC – It was confirmed that there will be a committee of teachers formed in the fall to refine our focus and
     develop the inquiry question(s).