Student Volunteer Opportunity - Snow Angels

Sent on behalf of our City of Richmond Community Services Department.

As the winter months approach, heavy snowfall can cause challenges for some resident’s particularly elderly citizens and residents with illnesses, disabilities, or mobility challenges. 

The City of Richmond is looking for volunteers to participate in the Snow Angels Program this winter and assist these Richmond residents. After snowfall events, Snow Angels help with removing snow from pathways leading to the sidewalk as well as walkways leading to the resident’s driveway.

The Snow Angel program is a volunteer program and is dependent on resources, severity of the storm, number of volunteers available and the priority needs of other callers. The program is only active in the event of a winter storm with more than 3+ centimeters of snow.

Snow Angels will be provided with a shovel, toque, and container of ice melt. Snow Angels will be responsible for providing their own protective gear (proper footwear, warm jacket, gloves, etc.). As snow shoveling can be a vigorous activity, volunteers are asked to use their discretion at all times and only work to their personal capacity.

1.) Please click HERE to sign up if you can help. 

2.) After signing up, you will be required to undergo a Police Information Check at the Richmond RCMP.

After the mentioned steps are completed, our Snow Angel Coordinator Magnus Sinclair at and 604-247-4453 will be in touch with you to provide further information.

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