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Engineering events for girls!

When it comes to career choices, girls might get left behind in the gender pay gap again. The 25 highest paying bachelor degrees by salary potential all involve math, physics, or engineering [source]. Work done by engineers can save more lives than individual doctors, through clean water, safer infrastructure, biomedical devices like pacemakers, and many other inventions and solutions. UBC Engineering is encouraging more girls to explore engineering as a career option and we hope you will help by sharing these exciting opportunities.


Engineering Explorations allows girls in Grades 8-12 to explore engineering as a career and participate in a full-day of hands-on engineering workshops. Find out more info and register here!

Oct 19, 2019: Grade 12 -Registration closing soon for this date!
Nov 30, 2019: Grade 9
Feb 1, 2020: Grade 11
Feb 22, 2020: Grade 10
Mar 14, 2020: Grade 8

The Women in Engineering Lunch,part of the UBC Engineering & Architecture Open House on November 2, invites girls in grade 10, 11 and 12 to hear from a panel of women about their student and professional experience in engineering. Girls will also be able to network with current UBC Engineering women students. A light lunch is provided.

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