Schedule for the Final Week of Semester One

Semester end will soon be here!

Please find attached, a REVISED copy of the schedule for the final week of semester one. Note that the last day of regular classes for semester one is Monday, January 21st, 2019. The block rotation on January 21st is DCBA (Day 1). For the period of January 22nd-24th, if students are not writing formal class based or provincial assessments they ought to be attending their scheduled block class as shown on the schedule. Attendance will be taken. Teachers will be available for student learning opportunities on Friday, January 25th, as well. Grade 12 English students, please note that the English 12 Provincial Exam is taking place at 9am on Thursday, January 24th. Please be at the school for sign in at 8:30am.

Teachers have been explaining the schedule to their students.